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Residential facility in the greater Las Vegas

WELCOME TO Living grace home

Living Grace Home is a residential facility in the greater Las Vegas valley serving unwed pregnant youth between the ages of 14-22. A safe haven for young women whose pregnancy has caused a problem with the adult who is responsible for keeping a roof over their head.

Clark County has one of highest teen pregnancy rates in the country.  With a large number of single parent families in the valley struggling to make ends meet, a pregnant teen can be the final straw.

Living Grace Home provides housing, education, and social services to minor, pregnant women, filling a gap in current government and private non-profit services in the Las Vegas valley. Partnering with government agencies, the education community, and private non-profits, we fill a need that was not being met for nearly 15 years.

Living Grace Home, following the example of other maternity homes, such as Second Chance Homes, across the country, offers a safe haven to young mothers in need — caring for their immediate needs and preparing them for the future. As part of this preparation, each girl must:

Work and/or attend school

Follow basic rules of the home

Pay program fees on a sliding scale

Take an active role in planning menus, shopping, and housework

Learn to live in a family setting, including conflict resolution.

Whats it like staying at Living Grace Home?

Recognizing that teen mothers who remain single and choose to parent their child are less likely to finish high school and are more likely to spend an extended period of time in poverty than those who marry, or those who place a child for adoption, we work closely with local and national programs to encourage marriage, paternal involvement, or adoption as preferable to single parenting. However, if a Mom does make the choice to parent, our goal is to make sure she has the family support necessary, as well as the parenting skills required.

Because this is a community wide problem, Living Grace Home seeks a community wide solution, calling on churches, businesses, and other non-profit agencies to assist us in our goal to protect pregnant young women and to reduce the number of repeat teen pregnancies in our community.

Mission Statement

The teaching of the dignity of human life provides the indispensable foundation for this entire undertaking.


To provide a safe place for young pregnant and parenting teens who have no place to live.

To offer a place of love and safety and an alternative to abortion as a testimony to life.

A non-denominational home run under Christian principles.

Staffed with 24 hour supervision in three shifts. The housemothers are responsible for the general cleanliness of the house. They also offer advice and support.

Each girl will be required to:

  • Work and/or attend school
  • Follow basic rules of the home
  • Pay for room and board on a sliding scale
  • Take an active role in planning menus, shopping, and housework

Each girl will learn to live in a family situation.

Living Grace Home

Living Grace Homes, Inc. began as simply Living Grace Home in 2007, but became a free-standing Nevada non-profit organization with IRS 501(c) 3 status in September of 2009.  We are a non-denominational, faith-based charitable corporation that provides an alternative to abortion for single mothers. Living Grace Home is supported by caring individuals, service clubs, churches, businesses. In addition, we will be holding regular annual fund-raisers. Living Grace Oils, a partner dba, will provide work opportunities for the young ladies and eventually a flow of income for Living Grace Home.

Our History

After five years of researching and planning for the first phase, the property was acquired on December 8th, 2006.  The first and second residents moved in during February and daily operations were in full swing.  We opened our doors February 1, 2007 and have served an average of 25 pregnant young women per year for part or all of their pregnancy since then. The average age of the residents has been 17 years old. There have been over 250 babies born to the residents of Living Grace Home.

In 2014, the second phase opened.  With an average age of 17, many of these young moms had not finished high school by the time their babies were born. Three months after birth was not enough time to finish, especially when many were so far behind in acquiring their credits. The young moms who have not yet finished high school, or have no marketable work skills are able to move to the second home and continue to receive support and guidance especially with parenting skills, while they finish school and get a job. This is a move toward independent living, without being set up to fail.



 Living Grace Homes envisions

Within the next five years, Living Grace Homes envisions a third and fourth phase.  The third phase will be a small apartment building that will allow us to take the top age off of our services and provide a safe haven for pregnant women over the age of 22. The fourth phase will accommodate women who are contemplating adoption.  Women who intend to parent often put a great deal of pressure on those who consider adoption. Services to the women in phase four will have a different focus than those in the programs geared toward parenting.

Directors Letter

Welcome to Living Grace Homes!

Living Grace Homes is proud of the more than 350 young women that have come through our program.  Some stay for just a few days, some stay for years, but they all have a story to tell, and a need to fix something that has gone terribly wrong in their lives.  We welcome young women from all walks of life, and work with these young women to make them the best moms they can be.

Living Grace Homes provides assistance from the moment a young soon to be mom walks through the door, starting with a hot meal and clothes, then moving onto the tough stuff.  Whether she is coming from a challenging family situation, has legal trouble, or is just alone and in need of help, Living Grace Homes provides a shelter from the storm.

Living Grace Homes helps residents complete their high school education and get started on the path to employment, offers classes on everything from nutrition to financial literacy, and provides support to young women as they become self-sustaining.  The most unique aspect of Living Grace, however, is the feeling of home. Living Grace Homes provides a home, and hope, for young women in need.

Hope is Born Here!

Our Board

Executive Director

  • Kathleen Miller

Chairman of the Board

  • John Harvey

Board of Directors

  • Kathleen Miller
  • Melinda Brown
  • Sally Donald
  • Gwen Harvey
  • Gerald Holinski
  • Jon Hoolihan
  • Kathleen Larmore
  • Dr. Donna Miller
  • Marianne Tanada