Living Here

Residential facility in the greater Las Vegas Valley


To provide a safe place for young pregnant and parenting teens who have no place to live.

To offer a place of love and safety and an alternative to abortion as a testimony to life.

A non-denominational home run under Christian principles.

Staffed with 24 hour supervision in three shifts. The housemothers are responsible for the general cleanliness of the house. They also offer advice and support.

Each girl will be required to:

  • Work and/or attend school
  • Follow basic rules of the home
  • Pay for room and board on a sliding scale
  • Take an active role in planning menus, shopping, and housework

Each girl will learn to live in a family situation.

How many vacancies

This section is regularly updated to reflect how many vacancies we have at Living Grace Home.

Current # of beds:  Waiting list


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