Programs and Policies

Easy and Affordable Programs and Policies.

House Polices

Admission Requirements
  1. Proof of Pregnancy.
  2. TB test prior to admission.
  3. Drug test prior to admission.
  4. As part of their residency in Living Grace Home, all residents are required to either be working, in school, or volunteering. College or high school students living in the house during the summer will be asked to volunteer or work during the school breaks.
  5. Work and /or volunteer hours must be a minimum of 24hours a week.
  6. Residents who are unsuccessful in maintaining employment will be referred to JOIN(Job Opportunities in Nevada), Job Connect or other programs that can assist the resident in finding alternative employment and /or volunteer opportunities.
  7. Living Grace Home is a residential program for pregnant young women. Policy states that housing and employment must be arranged prior to delivery. Once a resident has given birth, residents are permitted to remain at Living Grace Home for a 90 day post-pregnancy period for assistance and support.


The programs offered are designed to support pregnant and parenting teens in acquiring the education and personal skills necessary to make positive and productive life choices.

Classes: GED Instruction, Pre-Natal Education, Marriage/Family/Fatherhood Initiative.

Counseling: Individual and Group Counseling, Crisis Hotline Counseling, Marriage & Family Counseling.

Life Skills: Family and Job relationships, Nutrition & Household budgeting, Home Management Skills.

Job Skills: Job Readiness & Personal Development, Varied job responsibilities with Living Grace Oils, Office Skills, Resume Preparation, Job Placement, Dress for Success.

Visitor’s Policy


  1. Visitors should behave appropriately, with no violent behavior or vulgar language.
  2. Guests should be respectful of the other residents and staff.
  3. Visitors should not be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  4. Guests should leave immediately and respectfully if asked at any time to do so by the housemother or staff.
  5. Visitors should not use the telephone without specific permission by either the housemother or the social worker.
  6. No meals should be eaten at Living Grace Home. Some meals may be arranged with the housemother at her discretion.
  7. Guests and/or residents should not remove any items or food from Living Grace Home without the specific permission of the housemother.
  8. Guests and residents should not engage in public displays of affection while in the home.